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Trilobite Fossils For Sale

Fossil trilobites have a cult following with many collectors. These fossils are highly diverse as our the many species and time periods that trilobites once spanned.  Fossils of earlier trilobites and older time periods are mostly flat with moderate relief detail in their appearance.  The stone is usually layered shale with the trilobite fossil being mostly a one-dimensional impression in the stone.  In many cases, the actual carapace is preserved and the fossil can exhibit a natural color from the mineralization of the trilobite.  By the Devonian Period the fossils change and are preserved lifelike in three-dimensional form.  In the Devonian, many of the trilobite fossils are found in limestone rather than in layers of shale, and were not subject to the pressure of the deeper, older time periods.  Because of this, the trilobites are not flattened as in the older periods.  Instead of splitting the rock to find the fossils, the boulders are broken open with a hammer.  The nature of how these trilobites were preserved is different and the fossils are fully three-dimensional, looking as they once did when alive. 

Because in all cases, stone has to be split or broken to reveal the fossil, almost ALL trilobite fossils will have repair.  You cannot find them WITHOUT breaking the fossil!  The repair is unavoidable and fossil trilobites with no repair are likely fakes or misrepresented.

We offer numerous AUTHENTIC trilobite fossils for sale and are one of the few suppliers that operate their own on-site preparation lab.  This is important because in doing so, we can ensure their authenticity and nature of all work performed in the process of their preparation.  Every trilobite fossil we sell includes a written lifetime guarantee of authenticity & condition report /  history sheet.

Trilobites are hard-shelled, segmented creatures that lived hundreds of millions of years ago in the Earth's ancient seas.  They are considered to be one of our planet's earliest complex life-forms.  Trilobites went extinct before the emergence of the dinosaurs.  They have been affectionately called the "butterflies of the ancient seas" for their exotic, graceful beauty.  Their fossils enjoy a dedicated and passionate following amongst both scientists and fossil collectors, alike.  The sheer number of different species and their enormous diversity in size and anatomy, make them incredibly fascinating. 

Trilobite fossils are dug by first, locating the fossil-bearing rock, and then splitting rock layers or breaking boulders to reveal the preserved trilobite carapace inside.  Once the fossil is found, the pieces are reassembled and delicate preparation then ensues to remove the surrounding rock above and around the trilobite to expose the fossil for display.  Unfortunately, fakes plague the fossil market and both ignorance and dishonesty amongst many sellers, continues to facilitate the increasing appearance of fakes on the fossil market and especially, the trilobite market. 

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