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Dinosaur & Reptile Fossils For Sale

Dinosaur fossil collectors are a loyal and passionate bunch!  Dinosaurs are unlike anything that survives today making them virtually, a mythical beast of the past.  Because of their uniqueness and many of the mysteries that still remain unanswered in science, dinosaur fossils have a strong following with fossil collectors. Just as dragons were  fascinating legends in older times, even today, we still hold on to those legends in our fascination with dinosaurs as being real-life dragons that actually, once did live!

Like sharks, dinosaurs were constantly replacing their teeth over their lifetime.  Older teeth would be pushed out of the jaw as new teeth would grow and emerge.  This process happened throughout the life of the dinosaur.  Because of this and the fact that dinosaur teeth are the most durable of all dinosaur fossils, the teeth are the most common fossils they left behind.  Each dinosaur that once lived produced hundreds of teeth but obviously, had only one skeleton.  This makes dinosaur fossil bones much more scarce in comparison.  Bone is also more difficult to preserve than a tooth so fossil bones are far less in numbers that fossil teeth.  The same goes for fossil dinosaur claws. 

We offer numerous AUTHENTIC dinosaur fossils for sale all prepared by us, in our on-site lab just like every major museum does.  This is important because in doing so, we can ensure their authenticity and nature of all work performed in the process. Every dinosaur fossil we sell includes a written lifetime guarantee of authenticity & condition report /  history sheet.

Nothing fascinates us more than the oddity of monsters.  DINOSAURS are real-life monsters that once ruled the planet in prehistory.  Since their discovery, they have always captured our attention and held it firmly in their jaws.  One of the most baffling of Earth's inhabitants is that of the dinosaurs.  Dinosaurs are all that we fear and truly a story that never ends as we learn more about them through the advances of modern science.  It seems the more we learn, the more incredible reality becomes, unfolding before us with each new discovery.  Yet, despite the dinosaur fossils we have discovered and the technology we possess with which to analyze these fossils, basic arguments persist regarding the cause of their extinction and other fundamental topics such as if dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded.  Will we ever know if dinosaurs were as intelligent as the movies depict them as?

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