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Rare Fossils for Sale

While Time Vault Gallery is famous for the legendary fossils we offer for sale, the fossils for sale in this section are especially noteworthy - the premier specimens of their field.  They are truly Museum-Class and will elevate any fossil collection to the highest level on par with the most important museum collections in the world.

In recent decades, major auction houses continue supporting the market for impeccable fossil specimens with increasingly successful auctions devoted to natural history.  Paleontological specimens have become extremely collectible around the globe.  With current prices of many other rare collectible genres at possibly unsustainable, stratospheric levels, discriminating collectors are looking for new markets where intrinsic rarity is higher than current prices - a rarity unto itself!  We strongly believe that the field of natural history is that market.  When you factor in the display appeal, cross-cultural appreciation of natural history, and sheer scarcity of many fossil specimens, and then compare that to other rare collectible fields, you will agree there is much room for price appreciation and growth in the natural history market!  The old saying, "They're not making these anymore" could not ring more true in this case! 

Many of the specimens on this page are no less rare than many of the most iconic masterpiece paintings of the last two centuries.  In this case, the artist is nature itself, leaving behind treasures of our planet's history that will never be repeated

Remember, the greatest fossil collections in the world are defined by the quality and rarity of the specimens they contain.