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Megalodon Teeth

The massive Megalodon shark is one of the largest and most fearsome predators that ever existed on our planetFossil teeth of the enormous Megalodon shark are nothing short of impressive!  The first time you hold a genuine tooth from these ancient beasts will be an awe-inspiring experience you will never forget.  Owning a genuine, fine quality Megalodon tooth from these monsters of prehistory, is the pride of many collectors.  This section features only high grade Megalodon teeth for sale of this massive extinct beast known scientifically as Carcharocles megalodon, the largest and deadliest shark that ever lived! 

Current and increasing future demand will never be satisfied by the dwindling numbers of the truly top grade teeth.  Megalodon teeth have ALREADY proven their appreciation in price, when they possess fine preservation and remarkable beauty.  Source deposits have been over-collected and heavily depleted in the past two decades.  Only teeth that have premium features, as well as NO machine-polishing, repair or restoration, will appreciate in value.  AVOID Megalodon teeth with any of these negative aspects if you want to get your moneys worth!   

There are many Megalodon teeth for sale and collector interest is surging.  Knowing if you are getting the best value for your investment can be intimidating as you navigate the waters of what is for sale.  There are some key factors to look for when shopping for Megalodon teeth.  Our MEGALODON TOOTH BUYERS GUIDE is a great place to learn what affects price.  The pricing of these teeth can be confusing to understand so before you dive in, it is recommended to read up on what is taken into account in their pricing and rarity. 

Megalodon teeth of the highest quality, size and beauty are the rarest.  They possess insatiable collector demand, far in excess of their availability hence, they have proven to be one of the most promising investment fossils.  Their demand continues to grow strongly and the few regions that such quality Megalodon teeth are found are now, either off-limits to public collecting, or have been heavily collected out over the past decades to feed such demand in the market.  Most often, we see collectors spending a fortune over time, amassing a large collection of common, everyday fossils.  The sum of what was spent could have purchased a few incredible specimens.  For every COLLECTOR QUALITY tooth that a diver finds, thousands of junk teeth are found and it is these that you typically see for sale.  Sure they sell for much less, but they will NEVER go up in price - there are simply too many of the common teeth on the planet.  To have a single tooth in your collection of the quality offered here, can give much more pride and enjoyment than having a room filled with mediocre junk.  We advise collectors all the time of this principal.  It is true for any rare collectible -  BUY THE BEST!